Драйвер asus xonar essence

I ask because when I first installed Windows 8. I was not leaning toward any of the issues being the sound card but I can not be certain. Long story short, I tried a lot of things to fix them but I ended up reinstalling Windows 8 completely from scratch and am now in the process of installing everything one at a time to test them and make sure they are all working.

I am at the Sound Card drivers now but their is no 8. That is why I am being very caution about this and testing everything one at a time. I am also trying to see what others have experienced. So anything thoughts or information would be appreciated. There will be no 8. Just how MS is unfortunately. Well that totally sucks. Microsoft and their evil ways. What do I do with this sound card now? I guess I can install it on my Linux machine. What a waste though.

Most of what I use it for is apps that are installed on Windows.

драйвер asus xonar essence

Could it be that this Sound Card is what caused some of my PC Problems that I got after installing the release version of 8. Here is another question. It is the first revision of the board.

It has a Realtek ALC I am downloading it right now from ASUS. It was just released on the 15th. Might as well remove my STX as well before I do so. It is such a great card as well. Shame that its not going to get support for Windows 8. Thanks you two for your help. It was much appreciated. Google Uni Xonar, they work in 8. Unified driver for the following cards: No it does not.

For example are you talking about its Audio Positioning in games, or even the way the console features work. Like I said I am just curious. Like other here people has been waiting 7 months for a full working WHQL driver. Protected audio will not play along with numerous other issues.

So basically everyone with a Pheobus is sitting dead in the water waiting for WHQL drivers to come out. Like others we have basically given up on Asus for support on this "ROG" labeled sound card. The driver works fine on 8. This pretty much explains it all. You can get the driver working, but just barely. Protected audio still wont work, enabling Xear can cause the card to enter failsafe mode extended features gets turned off by OS , same thing has happened twice so far with dolby also.

Good old channel swap surprise is still present aswell. In short, we need a new driver Uni Xonar is working just fine for me so far. In fact the sound is actually better somehow. Hard to explain but it has more oomph to it. It will not recognize my rear inputs off the card but the front headset jacks do which was the last setting I had during the upgrade.

I tried downloading the 8. XonarSwitch gives you much more control over the soundcard and you can create profiles. It automatically loads my Equalizer presets etc. Up vote 0 M. I am fiddling since release of W10 with this audio card but somehow I cannot get it to install like I need it to.

If I run the asus setup it installs but the driver version stays If you reboot also the ms driver reloads. Tell us about your experience with our site. FergusNerkle Created on October 4, At least we have a workaround.

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