Intel hd 520 драйвер

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Do you know when this issue started happening? Was it after a Windows update? The rebooting may have started after an update, i am uncertain as windows would update automatically. There are no error messages being displayed, just like a sudden power failure, all lights go off and then the device reboots.

I have attached a picture of the drivers that possibly cause this, without these drivers, the device does not reboot.

intel hd 520 драйвер

Hello Wazi , Thank you for your response. For testing purposes, try performing a clean install of the graphics driver to remove older versions of drivers and prevent system conflicts.

Disconnect your unit from the internet. Uninstall both the Intel Graphics driver and the Intel Display audio driver. Review your systems before selling them and for gods sake do not repeat the issue of your display cards 8 years ago where you replaced tons of motherboards because of flaw design.

Yet when we decided to give it a try and think that HP has regained control, we thought we could buy this machine to be again disappointed that the problem is also in graphics card, either software or even hardware issue.

Had it two weeks. It is easiest to replicate if you are web surfing and you have graphical intensive pages with a lot of ads or flash animations. Came with windows10 RTM. This issue seems to be specific to the display driver. That being said, Intel has just released a newer display driver build, which I tried to install but HP has made some OEM tweaks that prevent it from being installed.

After a little testing I can confirm as suggested elsewhere that using Chrome instead of Firefox makes the problem not present itself any longer I updated all the the drivers through the utility device.

Then went through device manager and did the same. The error occurs with windows edge and IE 11 therefore it seems to be a windows problem, more specifically windows Updated the Intel drivers to build This seems to have greatly increased stability.

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