Intel к wimax link 5150 скачать драйвер для windows 7

Sunday, November 1, 6: I have not had any luck with the Intel WiFi card either. I finally bought an Intel and it works fine. I tried them in 2 different loptops. Marked as answer by ryans-canyon Sunday, November 1, Sunday, November 1, 7: Well it works in my vista OS, but I have been having some issues with it operating properly.

Sunday, November 1, You need both installed. Uninstall anything from programs relating to the Wi-Max, the try installing both. By the way, why are you dumping on Win7?

Many drivers are found just by running Windows Update. The hardware vendors are responsible for providing drivers compatible with an OS. So, download and install the Dell drivers and updates and the Intel drivers and all should work well.

intel к wimax link 5150 скачать драйвер для windows 7

Edited by Nano Warp Monday, November 2, 1: Monday, November 2, 1: Hi, Thanks for the reply Nano Warp. Ordered my new oh-so-special laptop for college. Got a hold of my very own copy of 7 and installed it in another partition on my HDD. It worked X better than vista, except for the WiFi card, which it did not recognize. I ordered my Intel card within the hour. Took several months and after placing three more orders with different companies I did get it ONE.

School work, photos, emails. Tests, homework, assignment, etc. The Intel card did NOT work. Went through the same process with the card. Even tried the second card that showed up at my door. Then again with the card. It is now nearing the end of March Thursday, March 18, 7: The wi-fi problem should not have existed. No where did you say that you had a dual-boot installation.

I apologize if I insulted you, but it caused you to provide the necessary information. Thank you for your response. First download all of the drivers from Dell. On the download page is a link for Driver installation order. Then grab the dusty computer in the corner, plug in the power adapter and turn it on. Run the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard and export your files to removable media.

Old to new computer type. Uncheck programs and settings in advanced. You only want your data. If it does, cancel. The WET file is good. If there is a wifi switch, make sure it is on. Now insert the Win 7 dvd and reboot the computer. Perform a custom-clean install. Try to create a wireless connection.

If yes, run Windows Update. Microsoft Security Essentials is free. Post back with your result. Видим в диспетчере устройство "Intel r wimax link " со знаком "! ПКМ по устройству который со знаком "! Появится еще одно устройство со знаком "!

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Которое совместимы с windows 8. В июле года корпорация Intel представила новую. Если вы используете разрядную версию ОС Windows 7: Найдено драйверов - 16 для Windows 7, Windows 7 bit, Windows Vista,.

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